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Guest Insurance

Why do I need Foreign Guest Insurance?

If guests are invited from abroad, they urgently require health insurance. Many visitors will only be granted a visa for the Federal Republic of Germany if they can provide evidence of travel health insurance. It must provide a specific minimum coverage for medical treatment and be valid in Germany and the entire Schengen Area. For foreign guests we offer health insurance or our combi protection for groups of three persons or more. Health insurance, accident insurance and liability insurance for Germany and the Schengen countries are always included in the combi protection.

Highlights of the Foreign Guest Insurance

  • Health insurance from €1 per day per person
  • Combi insurance protection from €1.50 per day per person
  • Immediate issue of your Foreign Guest Insurance policy
  • Last-minute issue up to 1 day before the trip begins

Insurance cover

What does Foreign Guest Insurance include?

  • The Foreign Guest Insurance combi package covers all health, accident and liability insured events that could befall a foreign guest when staying in the Federal Republic of Germany or the Schengen countries.
  • The health insurance for guests from abroad covers the costs of medical consultations, doctors’ visits and procedures including operations and associated costs.
  • In the event of death, the costs of repatriation to the guest’s place of permanent residence in their home country are covered up to €10,000 if the foreign guest dies during their trip to the Federal Republic of German, the Schengen countries or a third country.


The Foreign Guest Insurance combi protection combines the most important basic insurance products. Travel health insurance, accident insurance and liability insurance not only play an important role in everyday life, they are also the foundation for safe travel protection – so that your guests from abroad are sufficiently protected.